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Working in the UK and Ireland
Hi Folks,
I need to find out if the Software will work in the UK and Ireland... I see on some Youtube threads that it was not working out side Continental America.....
JamKazam works everywhere.

Provided there is a internet connection and so

Can you tell more about those misguiding Youtube threads?

That is for sure interesting - they must be shoot down, at once
sure it was in the "Getting Started with JamKazam"
Clement Thomas
1 month ago
Working OK in the UK between 2 of us, just about to expand to 4-5 people Patrick. We haven't played together yet, only just trialling this week. I note hans' comment in another thread though that UK is famous for bad connections! Something to do with our splintered internet service system...
Thanks for the link to that video, patrickbmccabe

I have simply overlooked it until now. Sorry for the latency, so to speak.

But - I couldn't find a single error in that video,
I'm a UK based professional musician and I'm happy to try it out with you anytime if you like? https://chrisoleary.co.uk

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