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Ability for JamKazam to request ASIO settings
If the JamKazam software itself had tweakable ASIO settings (sample rate and buffer size) to request from the ASIO driver/device.

Many users have issues with buffer size. No matter how they set their driver settings, JK seems to push it to a value that's too high or too low. Other softwares such as DAWs are able to request these settings from the driver/device. I do not know if this is a limitation of PortAudio itself, or simply not implemented as tweakable in the JK client, but it would certainly be helpful if possible.

I think it has the ability to set the buffer size, and you can control it using Manage -> Audio Boost. You set buffer size by time rather than number of samples, which frankly is a good thing. I'm not quite sure whether that's saved with my audio profile, though. It does seem to save whatever I set using "ADD NEW GEAR."

However, I don't think it has the ability to set the bit rate; in some cases it seems to me I've seen it use the bit rate I used in Reaper. That would not be good, because JK seems to work better at 48KHz, but I do all my audio recording at 44.1KHz.

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