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Adjusting Personal mix in a private session
If one chooses a Private Session in JK to check on settings and levels, should you hear the difference in volume of your personal mix(ie keyboard) on the JK session if you increase or decrease the volume using the slider? I sure can’t. By the way my Audio i/f is Steinberg  UR44C.
yes, you should hear changes when you adjust either volume or pan in your personal mix. However I know this is not the case for all interfaces.

I use a MOTU 828es, which comes with a software mixer. I have to mute the input channels, so that I'm only hearing what comes from Jamkazam. This is the same as disabling direct monitor (some interfaces have a button or switch for this purpose). If you are monitoring your inputs directly you won't hear changes from Jamkazam's personal mix.

not saying this is your issue, but it's bitten other people before...
Thanks so much. The Steinberg UR44C is the same where it has a piece of software with input monitorings and without a monitor on/off button on the hardware. Your response has clarified and confirmed lots. It stands to reason I guess is if I’m using the Private Session(solo) and the inputs are muted In the direct monitoring software I will not hear myself despite what I do with the personal mix sliders in my JK Private Session.?
You should hear the changes you make to your personal mix when your direct monitoring is disabled, as long as you are hearing the audio from your computer. At least that's how it is supposed to work.

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