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count in to start playing with jamtracks
Forgive a possible beginner's question.  When playing with my fellow band members we've tried using a jam track.  The problem we can't figure out is when the track will start playing.  How do you count in so all can start with the track on time?   The little spinning icon keeps spinning on some of my mates' screens instead of stopping when the track starts.
Some of my jam tracks come with a click track, some do not.

If you don't have a click track, and you want to add one, I could try downloading the jamtracks to a computer, feed them into a DAW, add the click track there, then upload your stereo mix back into your JK session (it's the only way I can think of to do this).

I'm going to try a new approach with my sessions, that might be worth your consideration (I should mention I'm playing keys in my group).

I will create rhythm tracks in MIDI on a separate computer, then play those tracks mixed into my JK session on a new stereo track. For my session peers, they hear the tempo track mixed into my keyboard track, so that isn't always ideal for them, but it gives me ultimate control ;-}
Great ideas! Thanks

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