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Alert from virus scanner
Dear Support Team, 

I have a urgent question regarding the app. As I started the download (the .msi file) my virus tools as well as windows 10 itselfs gaves me alerts. It recommands to avoid the installation. So I have a little bit bad feelings to start the installation. It would be nice if you can give me some answers regarding the security topic. 

Thank you in advance.
Nobody has such a kind of Problem?
(11-25-2020, 12:11 AM)timeflesh Wrote: Nobody has such a kind of Problem?
Don't worry about it. Unless you did not DL from the official JKz site it's just fine.
Allow JKz access and passage through your firewall/defender.

'New' rules for DL in W10 mark just about anything 'a thread' if not DL'ed from the MS-store and/ or signed by an official MS developer.

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