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Cant hear my edrum through jamkazam

First my Setup:

The edrum is connected via USB to my Computer. The interface Steinberg MK2 also via USB connected to my PC (Wondows 10).
The edrum goes through ableton where all drivers (ASIO) corretly installed. So i can play with individual drum sounds with ca. 3,xx ms latency.

Now i want to connect to Jamkazam. I choose my Steinberg interface in Audio gear settings, but not with ASIO drivers. I thing this is blocked through ableton. So i can only choose the interface with WDM drivers. I pass all settings and hear finaly the sound that all settings are correctly over my headphones.

Now in a privat or public session there is now sound from my drums through jamkazam. But i can hear the drums on my headphones over ableton.

When i quit ableton and choose in Audio gear settings the steinberg ASIO drivers (just now there are available) i hear nothing. Because i need ableton for my individual drum sounds.

An error shows me that there is no signal in the line in at the interface. But i cant stick something from my edrum (MIDI) to the interface (XLR) - this wont work, because MIDI isnt sound - this are just electric infos.

Can someone please  help?

Im from  germany so please show some mercy if a sentence here is a bit confused Smile


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