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Presonus AudioBox intermittent distortion, comes and goes
I'd like to think that I know a thing or two about digital audio etc, but this is driving me mad!

I get intermittent "distortion cloud" with the Presonus AudioBox and Jamkazam.

Things sound good and fine for a few minutes and then i get about 10-15secs of the cloud.

Input/output jitter waver, but not wildly...a bit in the yellow.

Not sure what to do to alleviate the issue.

Anyone have similar issues?

Using this setup with soft-codecs like Zoom etc, sounds fine with no intermittent garbage. 
Definitely related to Jamkazam and this interface.

Lenovo P53s Laptop with 16gb RAM, Presonus Audio Box interface with JamKazam
Did you ever get a reply?

I had a similar problem with my audiobox USB 96 and this thread helped me solve it - particularly the post by Josch on the second page.


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