Forum Announcement: JamKazam Nov 9th Update
[u]November 9th, 2020[/u]

Client Stabilty Release

  • Connection stability improved when using media relay server
  • Show connection status in tray icon
  • Show server setup status in systray as connections are created
  • Fix intermittent audio drop caused by flapping between P2P and media relay server
  • Bug fixes for application resiliecency

[u]October 17th, 2020[/u]

Client Stabilty Release

  • When using a JamKazam server for audio & video, all participants will use same server as the session creator.
[u]October 17th, 2020[/u]

Client Stabilty Release
  • Multiple bugs fixed
[u]October 5th, 2020[/u]

Client Stabilty Release
  • Video affects audio quality less.
  • Faster ARS connectivity -- faster connectivity on session join
  • Better ARS fastest-path logic -- lower latency in some cases
  • Fix for client crash
[u]Sept 28th, 2020[/u]

In-Session 'Mixer' Behavior Updated

Please hover over the '?' when in session next to audio inputs, personal mix, recorded audio, and read over the changes.

The behavior is more intuitive, and gives you the right sort of control over your 'global' volume and your personal mix.   

If you experience any issues, please let us know at or here in the forum.  

[u]June 28th, 2020[/u]

Windows and Mac Client Updated:

  1. Older versions of MacOSX can help test latency for the Audio Relay Service
  2. Last release introduced some audio quality issues; that regression is fixed
[u]June 23rd & June 24th, 2020[/u]

Windows and Mac Client Updated:

  1. Incremented JamKazam P2P protocol version – the new app cannot communicate with the old version (all users must upgrade)

  2. Baseline integration for upcoming Audio Relay Service

  3. Added Audio Configuration option to enable/disable Auto Bad Audio Detection with Resync

  4. Disable Auto-Selection of Mac GPU use with live streaming (GPU use causes pulsing artifact)

  5. Remove all legacy Bonjour dependence from app

  6. Fixed bug where zombie users are sometimes left in the session

May 29th, 2020

Windows and Mac Client Updated:

  1. Increased stability for broadcasting

May 27th, 2020

Windows and Mac Client Updated:
  1. The May 22nd client introduced a bug that increased changes you would get NO AUDIO.    We have fixed the issue in this release.  We've also added more instrumentation in the client application so that JamKazam team gets more immediate information every time this happens, so 1) we can still work on more NO AUDIO scenarios, but also, to notice unusual upticks in this problem, so that we have faster feedback if we released a problematic version of the client app.
  2. Some % of users have a condition in which their audio stream gets corrupted, causing the user to have to click RESYNC after the corruption happens.     We now detect the corruption up-front, and auto-recover.  
May 22nd, 2020 (Take 2)

The May 19th client release is back out w/ the JamTracks bug fixed.

May 22nd, 2020 
We had to roll back the May 19th release because of a bug introduced related to playing JamTracks.  We'll get that fixed and re-release.

Additional changes:

'TURBO' mode added, and is now the default.  This mode should result in better audio quality.

May 22nd, 2020 
We had to roll back the May 19th release because of a bug introduced related to playing JamTracks.  We'll get that fixed and re-release.

May 19th, 2020 (ROLLED BACK)

Windows & Mac Client Updated

  1. Crash related to network send error avoided. A new toast shows up to restart client now shows when this occurs.
  2. Fix the 'network send error alert flood' (some users get just TONS of alerts back-to-back in some error scenarios. Suppressed these alerts)
  3. Popup added to invite user to share livestream URL back to JamKazam.
  4. Expanded list of stun servers to add better Global support of JamKazam.
  5. The sesson owner/creatore can lock the session. When a session is locked, only the current set of users can leave & rejoin. New users are not accepted to the session. Figured this good way to keep session open until it is full. 
  6. The session creator can block/eject a user from the session. The block remains in effect for all sessions the creator makes until the client is closed or the blocked user cache is cleared
  7. The blocked user cache can be cleared, allowing previously blocked users to join session.
May 6th, 2020

Windows & Mac Client Updated

  1. Live stream fixes

  2. Find Session screen overhauled. Easier to find friend and join up with friends now.
April 29th, 2020

Windows & Mac Client Updated

  1. Facebook Live Streaming fixed
April 26th, 2020

Windows & Mac Client Updated

  1. Video Fixes & Stability
  2. Live Streaming Support for Facebook/Youtube/Twitch
  3. Optimizations for Live Streaming - Performer/Broadcaster Only/Performer + Broadcaster
  4. Audio Video Sync on Live Stream
  5. Video Console for Layout Management
  6. Audio Console for Enhanced Audio Management 
  7. The Mac client is now signed appropriately, but you may have to change your Privacy & Security settings to allow applications to be installed from not just the App Store.
View Feeds Updated

The View Feeds feature is dramatically faster now (from 15 seconds to sub-second) 

April 4th (take #2), 2020

Email Invites/Friend Requests Working

Inviting someone to Jamkazam via email was broken.   

You can now invite someone to JamKazam by email, and whether they are or are not already on JamKazam, the link in the email will work as expected and the user will be your friend after they click the link in their email inbox.  

This help thread describes how to make email invites/friend requests.

Known Issues

[*]Network Test Unavailable 
This is happening quite frequently.  To mitigate, we are resetting the network test server every hour, but it quickly fails again.  We believe it is related to multiple concurrent tests occurring at the same time, causing it to crash until the next hourly reset.  We are investigating the root cause.