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macOS 12 (.0.1) Monterey - Dimitri Muskens - 11-04-2021

Hello all,

After seeing the question on FB a couple of times.

Yes, JamKazam seems to run quite smooth on the new macOS Monterey. It does on two of my Intel based machines.
E.g. running Monterey on an MBP 2015 (i7/512/16Gb) is swift and smooth. No programs/apps needed intervention, all hardware is supported. The upgrade, coming from Big Sur, took more restarts than I can remember from earlier upgrades but all went well and without user input.

!! Disclaimer !!
I am definitely NOT saying everyone should upgrade! 'Every' machine, use case and configuration is different. So is external eqpt that is used. You decide what's best for you.
Just saying it works for me and my MBP and use case is nothing special.

I definitely DO recommend cleaning up your OS/files and running a backup (Time Machine) before any major surgery.