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Limit # of participants in an open session
It would be great if, when making a session that is 'join at will', I could limit that to a certain number of musicians.  That would help avoid the cluster$$$$ of 8 ppl in a session pounding away and no way to maintain order.  Just too many people - it messes up the latency and often screws up something good when you get 3 or 4 good folks to join.  More than 5 people in an open session is questionable.  Anyway, as the session creator I should have some control here.
What does "the cluster $$$$" mean?

You can change "session properties".

So make session closed when there are 8 people. Or 5, if you like ...

It's a - clumsy - way to do it.

If everyone has a good connection it is not a technical problem with 8 participants. Not at all

You - more specifically the mix controller/session creator - can also throw people out

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