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Blue Snowball mic uses WDM driver and ASIO fails to install
I bought a Blue Snowball mic to use with jamkazam but I found that its latency and frame size are just as bad as the built-in mic on my laptop, presumably because they both use the WDM driver which jk says is "problematical."

So I downloaded ASIO4ALL to see if that would help but ASIO4ALL fails to install (W10 latest version). The install copies the user manual and quits. I tried it with the recommended W10 compatibility settings (Vista SP2) and got the same results.

How do I get an alternative to the "problematical" WDM driver?

I'd love to be able to be able to use jamkazam but I don't know what to do.

Thanks for the help and stay well.

Michael Ryle
Was able to install ASIO but I still have a problem with latency due to frame size (10ms).

Manage>Audio Settings>Audio Booster has an option for frame size but it's grayed out. Why?


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