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JK new version
Band session worked OK for me and my mate with an audio interface but two others using basic mics kept cra$ng out as soon as they joined the session. We all got the latest update when we connected for the session. My mate, with the AI, on a Mac had the initial JK window automatically close before the update installed, I closed the initial window manually before installing the update on my PC. The other two on PCs did not close the initial JK window before installing the update and the updater did not prompt them to or close it automatically. I'm guessing that having JK running during the update may have corrupted the new installation. they will try to uninstall, search for and manually remove any lurking JK files (as previously reported as a problem) and reinstall the new version.

This problem may have been due to bad installation of the update but may be something else. One of the others has had consistent problems with his his mic audio being received by the rest of us. We haven't had a consistently stable session yet to be able to compare incremental changes to our collective setup.

(Why is 's h' (without the space) published as '$' when it is OK in the editing window?)
The JK update will close the program when it updates, then it will reopen.

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