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Recording links dont work. Not excactly news, but ...
"Is there anybody who wants to listen to ..."

- Jul DROB`s (and DJ RS`a and mine) link

In whatever browser.

It should work in Safari and Chrome.

But appearently it is not working in Firefox and Internet Explorer (both Win).

Very annoying: "audio did not start" - it just say in Firefox (Mac and Win) and Internet Explorer.

I have so far concluded that the "unwilling" browsers are the cullprits

But further investigation is needed.

So ...


One person has some luck with adding the title of the recording to the link.

More precisly adding: "a1a - " - in front of/before of the adress

That will say: a1a and space and hyphen and space.

Very odd - but it worked for him. In Chrome and Windows 7.

Of course it would be best that JamKazam just fixet that problem. If possible!

But I can not wait for that.

Another thing is that the mixing of recording is not working.

So even if that link problem would be fixet, no working mixes is available from the last 5 months - it is of course of no use to link to failed mixes.

But there is successfully mixet recordings from before that 5 month.

And the failing of mixes will hopefully be fixet - soon


Mixing is now working again

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