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WIndwos Client freezes after start
Hi, I am a newbie. I registered on JamKazam successfully and also installed the Windows client successfully, but now I am stuck. When I start the JamKazam client, it just opens two windows, on entitled "JamKazam" and the other "JamKazam client", and that's it. Both windows just stay there forever and don't react to any mouse clicks.
I thought the firewall might be the reason, so I switched it off, but still the same behaviour.
Computer is Windows 10.
What could the problem be?!
Yesterday it started working...

So I assume my previous problems were, as in another recent post here, issues with the servers/overload or something...
I just downloaded it and am having the same issue.  I even tried it in compatibility mode since I have Windows 10 and the link to download the client states Windows 7 and 8, but not 10.  There are system requirements that do say 10 on these forums.
New version dropped today, but still having the same issue. Found out the issue. For me, it seems that my FireStudio interfaces are not compatible. No new drivers either, which sucks.
verify that frequency of audio gear is set to 44K before Jamkazam starts ... i've similar issue ...  after JK is started the tracks can be configured at any frequency and jamkazan is able to sets the gear to desired frequency when you start a session ... but on startup it'seem currently recognize only 44K on win... this happens to me with a m-audio 1010lt card and win10 ...

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