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Audio Dropouts after recent update
(04-21-2020, 03:28 PM)Giancarlo Wrote:
(04-21-2020, 02:37 PM).zoddie Wrote: Devs, can you remove the requirement that makes us be on the newest version until the dropout issue is fixed?  Or will that cause other issues if people are on different versions?  Is there an estimate for when a new version will be out or what can be done to fix this for Mac users?

Again, we all seem to have had no issues with dropouts with the older version.

Same here. Pls devs consider the request. We would apreciate very much the option to downgrade to last version since jkz is actually the only way for our band to rehearse.

Wonder what has been modified in this update that causes our troubles....
Confirmed with our Mac Users ; Random dropouts .. sometimes Left side , sometimes right side, sometimes both ... sometimes happens to most people in the session, sometimes not.... a RESYNC clears it up.... I believe they are looking into this now.....
We recommend trying the following :
1. Reset your audio configuration. Menu "Manage->Audio Settings -> Reset Configuraion"
2. Go to the menu under your avatar (on the upper right, and click "Audio Gear"
3. Follow the process to configure your channels
I have just been in a practice session with my band on JamKazam. I use an iMac on latest Catalina and the rest of the band use windows PC's.

At first I kept losing all audio every few seconds when we were playing requiring me to hit the Resync button to bring back audio. It was mostly OK when we were talking but not always. 

Our bass player does not have great internet and his latency was about 200ms and I noticed that when he played his bass I immediately lost audio (although I lost audio everyone else could hear me). In the end I muted him and then I never had any issues with audio drops in the session.

Only I had the issue with the bass player. All the other participants on windows had no audio drops at all. 

Can anyone explain this? I had exactly the same issue with dropouts last week just after the Mac update but never before that update.
Yes. This. Exactly.

I've used JamKazam for 2-3 weeks now and a few jams with mostly success. I did run the update a couple of days ago, and then tonight it started experiencing audio drops just about every song, like the ones described on this thread. My audio is gone, but they can hear me. I'm not certain, but it seemed that the audio drops were mostly happening when someone was joining the jam (I was on open jams where anyone can just jump on).

FWIW - I'm running a MacBook Pro with a wired Ethernet connection and an M2 audio interface. Oddly, when the audio dropped on my M2, the output meters were stuck as though the volume was nearly maxed out, but I heard nothing but clicks and silence. It was not the M2 doing it though as I unplugged the M2 interface and used the internal mic and headphones and the problem persisted... Still dropped audio every song, but without the audio meters peaking since my internal system doesn't have such meters.
Yes @brimill68@gmail.com ....
I agree, same happens on my focusrite Clarett 8 pre.... when the audio drops, the output meters are PEGGED.....
Have you gone through the steps of RESETTING your audio gear entirely inside of Jamkazam?.... I have done this and will have a session tonight...will report back if it solved the issue.

Resetting the audio gear hasn't resolved the issue for me.
(MacBook Pro Mid 2009 with OSX 10.8.5 and iMac Late 2013 with OSX 10.14.6)
I just want to affirm that this problem--exactly as described by others--has been happening to me ever since the latest JK update. I play in acoustic sessions, and it is not uncommon to be kicked out of the session several times in the course of a five-minute song. As others have noted, the rest of the session members can hear me, but I am shut off from everyone and everything until I resync. 

To the extent there are patterns, I have noticed--

--this happens more often when there are more people in the session
--it tends to happen while I'm talking or playing, though that is not consistent

I can also report that similar behavior has happened to my other friends who are Mac based. Very frustrating.
Just want to add a 'me too' to this thread. The only other thing I wanted to add is that every time this happens I hear a very quick 'pop' or more like a 'fizzzz' sounds right before I lose all audio. And like everyone else, the other people in the session can still hear/see me.
Same exact thing happens to me - i get a pretty loud pop, then it cuts out , and all of the same symptoms as everyone else. Sessions are otherwise perfect, almost 0 noticeable latency , but this happens 3-4 times in any song . Also seems that I can talk in a room with 1 or 2 other people , and NOT have the issue for much longer periods.
I'm another "me too" Mac user. I just started using JamKazam on my older Mac Pro and I've had the problem since installation. A studio musician/friend in Georgia on a new Mac running 10.15 is having the same problems at his end. So the "resetting the system" tactic isn't likely to help us since we just started with the new software on two fairly different Macs.
T.W. Day
Red Wing, MN
System: 2009 Mac Pro running OS X 11.11 (stuck here because I don't want to waste money updating beyond Pro Tools 11) with a MOTU Ultralite-mk3 Hybrid interface. I, occasionally, use a Dell Latitude laptop running Windows 10 Pro with the same audio interface.

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