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Audio not getting through
I have been able to use JamKazam with others. Now I'm testing with my flutist. She is on a Mac, I'm on PC with UMC202HD.
Both of us have the signal showing individually in JamKazam, but our audio is not getting through. 

Her latency is fair (11ms), mine is very low (4ms). 
At the moment, she cannot yet connect via network cable, as her adapter has not yet arrived. 
But I want to test with her using WiFi just for now. I have seen it working with others. 

Unfortunately, all the help links don't work. 
Can you help us solving this problem?

We went through the audio gear setup, and everything seemed fine, there was success at the end. 

So what can we do?
The links that should go to some HELP DESK pages was removed last year.

Just use Wi-Fi as your planning.

Wi-Fi (wireless) is not suited for low-latency connections .

Wireless normally gives higher internet latency than hardwired + more unstability + more choppy audio

But if you are only two in a session and you are near to each other - have good connections - and even have the same internetprovider, it may work good enough

Avoiding using video will also help

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