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No Updates in More Than a YEAR!
Seems there have been zero updates to the Jamkazam application since July 13, 2021, more than a year ago. There are still many things that don't work at all (broadcasting), don't work well (video streams), and the promised major updates to the streaming efficiencies that was supposed to happen when this switched to a paid subscription service. There are also still a lot of issues with drop-out and stability in a session periodically and certain people not able to hear each other randomly. 

Is this platform bow dead in terms of development? I'm still paying a subscription so I hope not, because that was the whole idea of the subscription switch - i.e. to finance actually further active DEVELOPMENT of this platform. Can someone from Jamkazam give us an update on where this platform stands at the moment, developmentally?
Hi Tony,
I was curious about that also.
I was in communication with a JK Support person on another problem who told me  that they have an update they plan on getting out in the next month or so.
ciao,  Dan
I'm curious about this as well and haven't been able to find anything regarding lack of updates. We routinely have issues in our weekly jam sessions. It's encouraging that JK Support has indicated there is an "update" coming, but unfortunately if the response was literally "getting out in the next month or so" we shouldn't hold our breath!

Very disappointed we've been paying for GOLD member$p since the pay-plans were made available, and it seems no one is there.
Yes. Certainly no one is in this FORUM any more in terms of Jamkazam support, and I seriously doubt anyone is working on any updates as there has been ZERO communications in the past year+.

The JK support works great for me. If I'm not happy with something I just click on the on the red 'Thumbs down' after a session. I always get an email from support very quick, usually the next day. These responses from JK Support are not automated, they are from real people. They helped me out a few times over the past 2 years and now my JK is configured well and JK performs splendid. Changing the Video settings (when setting up a session) from 'Standard' to 'Beta' gets rid of the crackling noise, which many people describe in this Forum. I had the same issue. Now the crackling is gone and we always have the camera's running. Sometimes our sessions have 6 or more people and take up to 3 hours. No crackling, acceptable latency, great video.
Some of the players are 2500 miles away!

I don't have one reason to complain about anything on JK.
It didn't work well when I started, but the Support team always helped me setting things up the right way.
Main reason for my good experience is that I took the lead by rating a session with Thumbs Down.
I don't want an update, I don't need an update.

I guess I'm the lucky one in this Forum!
Stay safe!
Same here, I’ve been always happy with JK and if you know what you are doing you won’t have issues.

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