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JamKazam Support : very much alive & available!
Hi all, just sharing an FB-post by David Wilson (JamKazam staff) re. user support:

Hi Folks - It's been brought to my attention that some users believe (for some reason?) that JamKazam is not providing helpdesk support any longer. This is absolutely not true. We have full-time tech support staff, and they are actively answering help desk tickets every weekday. I see the activity.

I'm guessing the confusion might be caused by one disconnect. JamKazam users CANNOT sign into the helpdesk platform. This is intentional. If you try to log in to the Freshdesk helpdesk, it will NOT work.

**!! You need to click the yellow Help Desk link at the top center of the JamKazam app. This will open a web page in your browser to the page where you can enter a help desk ticket. That web page automatically validates that you have a gold or platinum subscription and thus can enter a support ticket to get help. If the page is not working (i.e. not letting you submit a ticket), that would indicate you don't have current credentials in the browser. In this case, you should go here - https://www.jamkazam.com/signin.... And then sign in using their JamKazam email/password. And then return to the helpdesk page and submit your ticket. !!**
(By David Wilson)

Hope this clears things up.
Happy jammin'

> Tamacti Jun <

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