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App freezing and cra$ng on Windows 10
I had this problem for a very long time. I received this response from Jorge at JK support. It completely fixed my long-standing crash/hang issue.
I am sorry to hear JamKazam you have been having this problem.
Please delete all the files in this folder: C:\Users\<your login folder>\AppData\Roaming\JamKazam
(The AppData folder is hidden in Windows by default, so you will need to make it visible.)
Then download and install this file https://jamkazam-repo.s3.amazonaws.com/JamKazam.msi
If you are prompted to upgrade press 'CTRL and N' to skip.

When you delete the folder as stated by Jorge, make sure all folders and files have been deleted. I had to use the Command line delete to delete the files in one folder and then delete the folder because File Explorer was not able to delete the folder even though I could see it. I suspect that there was a permission problem that resulted in the JK hangs and crashes. Now I can repeatedly stop and start JK with no negative consequences whatsoever. IN ADDITION, another problem that I have had since I first started using JK more than a year and a half ago disappeared. Prior to this fix, I was never able to launch JK when my gear was set to 96k sample rate. I always had to change it back to 44.1k to launch JK. Thank you very much Jorge.

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