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Frustrating; Jamkazam can't see my audio interface
(03-03-2021, 08:51 PM)1andypyke@gmail.com Wrote:
(03-03-2021, 08:24 PM)Zlartibartfast Wrote: Windows or Mac?

I use Mac, my interface(s) are MOTU, so I don't have first-hand knowledge about Behringer boxes. From what I've read, Windows users need to install ASIO interface drivers in order to use JamKazam.

Have you seen this article?

Hi, it's a windows setup and yes I read those articles. My situation seems to fall between the gaps. From what I read (watched on youtube) the ASIO interface drivers (whatever they may be) are to get lower latency results.  The audio driver I'm using doesn't have a driver. I checked on the manufacturers website and it says plug and play, no drivers to download or update etc.

The UMC22 can be found on the Behringer website. It does not have a dedicated asio driver as such but a download link to asio4all (often better then nothing) is provided in the support section.
Also, on this forum an older version of a Behringer ASIO driver is shared that also supports the UMC22. (use the search - it takes some reading ...)

If you have an audio interface - and you do - don't use any part of the onboard sound gear of your PC.
It also looks like you do not have things properly configured under [Audio Gear] but start with a driver.

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