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Frustrating; Jamkazam can't see my audio interface
Hello people. This is entirely new to me but I have to start playing again otherwise I fear I will lose a big part of my identity!

If anyone can help, I'd be incredibly grateful.

So, I have done the Jamkazam App setup and tried to add my audiogear. Unfortunately however many times I hit resync, it just say says "onboard mic" when in fact I have a Behringer U-Phoria UMC22 plugged into it.

I googled up the settings for sound inputs on laptops and have managed to tell my laptop to use the external mic which it is doing and identifying as a USB device so clearly the audio interface is at least communicating with my laptop.

After that...I'm at a dead end. 

Can anyone help me move forward with this I wonder?

Many thanks
Andy Pyke - Trombone - Kent - England

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Frustrating; Jamkazam can't see my audio interface - by 1andypyke@gmail.com - 03-03-2021, 07:53 PM

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