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Location of Volume controls
I'm puzzled by the multiplicity of volume controls.

There's the one under AUDIO INPUTS. Presumably that's my mic gain control and I set it so, when I play it's at the top of the green, maybe slightly in the red, and any more I'm clipping. And, once I get it set, I never change it on pain of death.

Then there's the one under PERSONAL MIX where I adjust the relative levels of the various participants that I hear in my headphones. Everybody has there own settings. If John Doe says I'm not loud enough, I ask him to adjust my level in his personal mix. I do not adjust my own volume in audio inputs.

Now there's the gray VOLUME button at the top of the screen. Is that a global volume for my headphones? So I use personal mix to adjust relative volumes of participants and global volume to adjust the overall level? Help for this button says "to adjust the master level for all musicians ... use the mixer button in the toolbar". There isn't a mixer button in the toolbar any more, though I think there used to be one.

There is Manage/Audio Settings/Pro Audio mixer. Maybe that's what used to be mixer button in the toolbar? I could do with some explanation of what these controls do - particularly whether they affect the master mix or the personal mix. If John Doe says I'm not loud enough, and he has my volume maxed in personal mix, and has his overall volume maxed,  is there something he can do so I don't have to increase my gain?
You've pretty much figured it out

Here's the JK documentation on this topic:

Regarding your last question - AFAIK the Power Mixer is upstream from the session mixer controls, and whatever you do to change your inputs in this mixer will not be heard by the session participants. The Power Mixer gives you more granular control over your personal mix. Ex: I bypass the compressor on all channels be cause I already have compressors applied to the inputs that need them such as guitar and microphone.

For John Doe who is hard of hearing, he probably needs to turn DOWN the other musicians so he can hear you better, and perhaps get a better set of headphones.

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