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JK won't load - since Fri Feb 19
And just to be sure -- you don't use Norton then? I just ask because another use has Norton.  Just trying to find common thread here.

Could you see what happens when you run this command on the terminal? This is to simulate what's happening in the client software in this case, but from a more 'raw' interface.

1. Open Terminal (CMD + Space, type Terminal).
2. Paste the following, which will try to request a image from our servers and save it to your machine:

curl -v  -H User-Agent:JamKazam http://www.jamkazam.com/assets/content/icon_jamtracks-60c7ebbb6ef1b4368f7793fc13a470bf1efd13291f8f166262f49e6c59589e74.png --output icon_jamtracks.png && open icon_jamtracks.png

What should happen is a little icon shows up in Preview of a guitar.  In any case, could you share all the lines of text that show up when you run this command?

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