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Wednesday Dec 9th 7-9pm EST - Problems Abound
I will be hosting my Jam session tonight, Thursday 12/10, and be on the lookout for the CPU usage and audio issues. Good to know

One thing i think that separates me form the average JamKazam user, is how i use it. I have an older MacMini 2015 running High Sierra. I noticed when starting to use JK in April, it was using a lot of CPU and competing with a lot of my normal outbound IP traffic. What to do.

I created an SSD boot disk for my JK session so full CPU resources are dedicated to JK. A couple people I jam with regularly have gone this route and the overall performance is always better, and i don't experience issues like others do. I actually wrote about it here:


Having said this, just because I don't have a problem others may have is unfair of me to suggests you're doing something wrong. I get it. And, looks like based on the amount of posting for this, something is up. I am not suggesting a boot disc is your solution either. Rather, I will be monitoring CPU tonight be observant of audio issues in the session, and report back..


Update 12/12

I added my comments to

Just a follow-up. I compared my CPU processing percentage for the most recent build referred to in this post. It does appear to be slightly higher by 10 percent, compared to the previous version.

The person I was jamming with had a low 4% CPU processing and is using a faster processor with his new computer. I am using a 2015 MacMini and it is normal for it to process at 30%. But this latest build had it at 40% +. Since I always backup the previous version before allowing JK to update the app, i was able to roll-back to make the comparison. Next year I will be getting a new M1 Mac and expect my numbers to come down.

As for performance stability with the high running CPU, personally I'm not hearing or experiencing anything different. And, I do not necessarily equate CPU with Latency issues.

From time to time, I do re-level everything in JK, every few months. I wish JK would provide in-depth instructions about using the powermixer and understanding the track slider controls and booster gain settings. They include compression and threshold settings which affect your internal sounds. Changing these settings will not affect how others hear you. I have learned about them through a trial and error process.

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