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Blue Yeti iMac macOS Mojave digital distortion

So trying to get my band all set up on JK. Got two working with JK using Scarletts (mic and guitar for one, mic and keys for other). Now working with a third who is sax. THey have a Blue Yeti. 

I hear them fine in the session. But they have digital distortion in their mix. Tried:

  1. different headphones
  2. restarting iMac
  3. disconnecting Yeti and reconnecting

The Yeti user previously was on MacBook Pro without this issue. Hadn't tried with iMac until now. Needs an adapter to get to USB-C to go back to MacBook Pro. So more to try.

Anyone had similar issues with Yeti? It is on the list of works with JK.

Stay safe,

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Blue Yeti iMac macOS Mojave digital distortion - by backinterrapin - 12-02-2020, 11:06 PM

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