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JK running on Apple's new M1 processor macs
(12-05-2020, 10:31 PM)janwedel Wrote: Hi,

as mentioned before, "generally works" means, that the app works but I didn't test the actual session with others. So I din't know there are issues with the network.

I'm using an old Alexis I/O 2, connected via USB2. Didn't need any drivers. But I'm planning to try my M-Audio Project Mix as well to get lower latency.

a friend of mine has a new m1 maschine, he can not send sound, he can receive sound, but he can’t send, its the internal hardware minimal configuration, he is gold member. al other things include video connection works. but i can not hear anything from him.

hope there is soon a solution, but i like also to buy such a computer.

derek hauffen

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