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JK running on Apple's new M1 processor macs
(12-04-2020, 02:05 PM)janwedel Wrote:
(11-30-2020, 11:43 PM)backinterrapin Wrote: Hi all!

Hope you all had a pleasant giving of thanks. 

Wondering if anyone has run JK yet on one of Apple's new M1 processor macs? Like the new MacBook Pro 13" 2020 or the new Mini 2020? 

And dearest JK developers, maybe you could weigh in here on the chances that current JK Intel based app will work via emulation in Rosetta 2 on M1 processor? And if a native M1 version is being planned or tested already?

Stay safe,
I have a new MBP with A1, and Jamkazam generally works. I suspect it's still an Intel binary but most of its a WebApp anyway. I opened the app, started a private session and was able to hear my Guitar in my headphones via my USB audio interface. I was not able to try a session with my friends yet, but it's better than I would have expected.
That's great news -- thanks for letting us all know. Just to be clear, you say "Jamkazam generally works". Is there something that didn't work with M1 MBP that was working on Intel Mac?

What USB audio interface are you using? My band members and myself all have Focusrite Scarlett boxes. And sadly Focusrite says this about the M1 processor:


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