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Latency in the UK?
I'm also in the UK and play with a 3-piece band (with an occasional 4th joining us). We're all using fibre-to-the-cabinet broadband, of which mine is the worst with about 35Mbit/s download and barely 3Mbit/s upload. My problem is I've got aluminium cable between home and the cabinet (a lot of it was used 40 or 50 years ago when the cable was installed) and OpenReach have no plans to replace it in the near future, unless it fails completely--you don't happen to know anyone with a JCB do you? Two of us are using Focusrite Scarlett with Macs and the third is using Behringer with Windows. We are generally seeing total latency between participants of around 20-23ms, which seems to be just about OK for playing together. In recordings it is noticeably that we tend to start off a bit off sync but get better during the session as our ears/brains compensate for the slight lag between playing the instrument and hearing the sound in the headphones.

Your guitarist with the Focusrite ought to be able to improve on 11ms latency. If using a PC, make sure they are using the right ASIO driver--if a Mac, there is a low-latency sytem extension that needs to be installed.

We use 48kHz sampling rate for all the interfaces and the lowest frame size that our computers/interfaces will stand without losing packets. The Focusrites are fine at 1ms frame size. We set the audio bitrate to the lowest setting. The difference is barely audible to me and it is much kinder to the person with the lowest broadband speed.

It is definitely worth persevering with tuning the various technical parameters (sample rate, frame size, bitrate, etc), although it is a bit of a faff.

Good luck and best wishes


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