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Multiple problems during last night's live Jam.
(10-07-2020, 04:25 PM)dannydep Wrote: We are a band that has been using JK for close to 2 years now.
We are scattered across ths U.S. but manage to use JK fairly successfully....
Last night, after the latest JK update, we experienced problems that have and had not occured before.
1. When joining a session a pop-up msg would appear stating,
    Warning.  No audio input signal detected.....
    However,  audio was heard clearly and there appeared to be no problems( has been occuring
    quite often lately)
2.  Occasionally, one of us would be dropped from the JK session (has happened infrequently before).
3.  After about an hour into the session,  the volume on our lead singer would drop drastically but only for me.
    Everyone else could hear him clearly just as before.
    We would log out of JK, reboot our modems and machines and log back in to JK.
    The problem would temporarily disappear but then after 20 or 30 seconds his volume would drop again (again only for me).
Our drummer, from MA and I, in FL, took snapshots of our lead singers (in TX) stats.
The stats from our drummer appeared fine... however the stats that I had showed horrendous Internet Jitter 145.1 ms and Packet Loss 100%, which would explain the          drop in volume.
      i could still hear him but very very faintly.

We were  hoping that there might have been a jK server problem last night that could have been causing some of these problems.....
Otherwise, would anyone have any ideas as to why this (item 3) would all of a sudden start happening?
Our band had a JK session earlier today with a member of the JK development team who confirmed the packet loss problem that we're all seeing is the same one they've fixed in the next client update rolling out very soon.

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