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Anybody use Apogee ONE interface? settings Q
(09-14-2020, 01:06 AM)waban Wrote: I used an Apogee ONE in JK for a couple months and it worked fine (on a Mac running OS X 10.13), with lower latency than levels posted for newer and more expensive interfaces. I lent it to a friend a couple months ago, and he's using it without problem. Sorry I can't offer more specific help, but:

[1] have you resync'd?

[2] are you sure you're not unintentionally muting the others (like if you hover over their volume icons in the "Other Live Tracks" pane?

[3] it's got to be some settings thing, because it should work for you as well as it worked for us.

1) at least 10x per session
2) doublecheck that at least that much each time
3) yeah

thanks for the ideas. the search continues

(09-15-2020, 01:59 AM)GDJ Wrote: Something tells me the magic setting you're overlooking is that you attempted to configure port forwarding on your router, or you have an IP utility, like Snitch. And the incoming audio is not making back to your machine>JamKazam.

well, that's something i looked into a while back and i did try to do that. for a good while it seemed as though what i had done worked. but as with most things JK related, the fix didn't last long. if you have a suggestion, i'm up for just about anything.currently the prefs are set to Always use same UDP ports and to use 12000 as the first port to open. as for the settings on the mac side, i'll have to get back into that and get back to you. again, if you have something that works, lemme know.



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