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Eratic Volume behavior during a session
We are a 5 piece band (5 locations less than 50 miles apart) and have successfully overcome the latency issue after several months of painful troubleshooting.  Yes you need to get all the audio configurations setup correctly and some if the JKZ fixes have allowed that but its not enough.   Members need high performance laptops with 1 GB Ethernet cards.  For us, as a 5 piece, to have a good experience total latency needs to be below 17 ms.  One member with a poor connection (less than 100MBS) will drag down everyone and your only as good as the worst connected member.  The secret is get all band members to upgrade to 200MBS (Upload and Download) internet using Verizon.    If you get new service this is the lowest offered by Verizon ($39.95/month) and you really get 300+ MB Up and down.  Don't use Comcast as they only offer Asymmetric service 350 MB download but only 25MBS upload useless you buy 1 GB business service.

We are amazed at the experience we are now having.   However, now we are experiencing a fluctuation in individual levels during sessions for some of the musicians. For example, in the middle of a song, the guitarist may all of a sudden have a drop in volume from the singer’s channel but then also have the sax player much louder in his headphones. The fluctuating levels do not seem to happen uniformly for everyone in the session in that the mix may not change at all for another musician, or a different set of fluctuations may be occurring for someone else (i.e. keyboards get too loud)..   There is no pattern so far that we can detect.  We see there are some new features that may help but they are not documented.

1) Under audio configuration:  Session Sticky VU – Sounds like maybe this makes the volume stay the same in a given session ?

2) Under audio configuration:Prefer Personal Mix – It seems this should be checked but we don't know what it does?

3) Under Audio Console/Compression checkbox - Bypass compressor, we are wondering if this could help our issue ?

:(   Has anyone experienced random volume fluctuation issues and/or do you know what these configuration and control settings above do?

Thanks in advance.

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