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What units are the Tx and Rx bandwidths in?
In most of my sessions the Rx and Tx bandwidth shown when you hover over the red/amber/green disc are about 350 k. What units are those figures in? Is it kbps or kbytes/sec. Neither makes a lot of sense. If we have 2 stereo streams of 24 bit samples at 48 kHz that is 2300 kbps. With 16 bit and 44 kHz it is 1400 kbps. Expressed as k bytes/sec those figures equate to 287 and 175. None of these figures are particularly close to 350 kbps. (I am assuming Jamkazam does not compress the audio stream into e.g. mp3 format as that would surely add significantly to latency.)

I note that 2300 kbps is quite a high upload speed which would probably not be possible on anything except a fibre connection. However I am having successful sessions with someone on an ADSL connection. So maybe Jamkazam does use some form of compression?
Like the Maximum Outgoing Music Bitrate in Manage > Audio Settings > Audio Booster, the rates shown in the Session Diagnostics & Stats popup are in kbps. The contents of Manage > About > 3rd party licenses suggest that JK uses the Opus codec.

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