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Bias Fx, Amp 2...detected but not working
Hello guys,
I'm having some trouble setting up my vst's..
When I load Bias FX2 Jamkazam crashes

When I load Bias Amp 2, it doesn't work... I mean, I can hear my direct signal input but it is not being processed by bias amp2..

I don't know if it may have something to do with my audio routing, but actually in earler versions of jamkazam I was able to use at least bias amp

here's my audio routing
guitar->mic preamp (Neve 1073) -> RME ad/da converter ->optical out->focusrite saffire pro 24 optical IN -> Macbook pro through Firewire port

Now, as I said I can hear my direct signal, so I suppose that the audio device is set correctly...

any advice is really appreciated

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