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Cannot connect a Focusrite to MacBook Pro
Hello. I am having trouble connecting a Focusrite Scarlett interface, both 2i2 and 4i4 to JamKazam on a 2 year old MacBook Pro. The interfaces work because I was able to have them work on her husband's older Mac. I had the teacher re-install the Focusrite software. I had her change all of her cables. Every time I try do add a Focusrite device, it will see the device, have a presentable latency during the test, but fails the second part of the test and I cannot proceed with the installation. I have tried adjusting every setting that page offers, but nothing I do allows me to proceed. I can setup the internal microphone and use a headset, but I cannot get the device to work. I have done a number of installations with faculty, but this is the first one I can't make work. What am I missing?
Robert "Lee" Vanarsdall
University of Maryland, College Park
Hi Robert,

Let's understand more information please.

1. What Mac OS are you using?

2a. After you attempt to set the device up in JamKazam, are you able to start a Solo or any Session? I think the answer might be no, but I want to be sure

2b. Or you are saying, the process of trying to add you device Fails? if so, at what step is it failing? For instance, are you able to select your driver name under the Input/Ouput drop down menus? JK starts running a Latency test, once completed you can advance to the next window to add/update your audio track channel. After that you can advance to the next window to choose whether you want to setup a separate Chat microphone (most people ignore this).

3. How are you connecting the Audio Interface to your Mac? USB, Thunderbolt?

4. Have you verified whether you can add Focusrite and hear audio using another application besides JamKazam? Most people try Garabage band, or another application (DAW)

5. while I have spent some time on my response, i'm wondering if this will actually help you:

I will give a more thorough response soon, but the one thing I need to re-check with the teacher is whether the mic access has been allowed in settings. I wonder if this is the problem because I just had another session with a teacher that had the exact same problem. For some reason I had them re-install the JamKazam software, then at the very end it asked for permission to use the microphone. Without any other changes, the Scarlett device passed the initial test without any other changes. At the very least I will try to contact the client and make sure she has all those settings correct. My only concrn in her case is that I was able to get her going using the built-in mic and headphone jack, so that may not be it.
Robert "Lee" Vanarsdall
University of Maryland, College Park
Robert, yes.. it's exactly what I'm thinking. And, in my testing, at first, I saw the message about JK wanting permission to use the Mic, but I did not accept it. From that point on, I never received the message again! even after restarting the application. That's when I had to manually set it in the system privacy settings I think you're on the home stretch. I look forward to your response.
So I wish I could give you a more definitive response, but I the issue was fixed. If anyone is helping others getting started with JamKazam, what I do is start with a Zoom call. I then show them where to select built-in microphones and speakers, because often they plug in the interface and if the device is not configured properly, I can no longer communicate with them. I then have the client share their screen. Once they do that, I click next to options from the green box that says the client is sharing their screen and request control. From there, I take control and perform the installation myself instead of trusting these wonderful, but no necessarily computer savvy instructors.
From there I checked the security settings and JamKazam had access to the microphone and webcam, so that was not the problem. After that, I performed a full uninstall-reinstall of JamKazam and it worked great. I also used screen sharing and taking control of her computer to give her a tour of its features, which I find much easier. I know that once in a session I can use cntrl-s to share my screen and I plan to perfect using that as well.
Thank you for your help in all this. I have many dozens of installs over the next few weeks, so I am sure I will reach out for more assistance soon.
Robert "Lee" Vanarsdall
University of Maryland, College Park
I thought  responded yesterday to say i'm happy for you on getting this resolved.

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