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Slapback issues with Focusrite Scarlett 4i4
While trying to take part in a session I had my Focusrite 4i4 Gen3 configured as I have in past sessions (which worked fine) but this time I was having major 
slapback on my input sounds ( mic, etc.) and I tried reconfiguring input hardware setups and changed settings in Focusrite Control app as well as 
re-doing the audio track settings in JamKazam.   I continued to have varying degrees of the same problem.

In this session setting the following factors were present:
Focusrite input to iMac,  the other participants in session were in Texas and Colorado and I am in California.
We have had sessions before with latency problems but never had I experienced the slapback/loopback/feedback problem.
I have only experienced this while in JamKazam; does not occur otherwise (while using Abelton, etc.)

If anyone has a solution I would greatly appreciate any suggestions!

Scotti - VoxDrum

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