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Is there a Perfect Hardware Combination?
(06-06-2020, 06:11 AM)dennislamason Wrote: I ran LatencyMon
Mixed results, great for several minutes, than I get issues, says to adjust throttle on CPU, a bit over my head for now.
I tried to post screen shot of results, but post size limited by JK.
Had time to jam once, seemed to work fine than my guest started to record the jam and then the system seemed to freeze?
Not a big deal, as I am quite happy the system works at all.
Had to lower my standards of performance as my daughter  is starting college so, she gets a new Mac, I get my 4 year old PC, and my wife keeps cooking dinner, hope that makes sense :-)
Happy for now.

Maybe some of you jammers can add me (bass player) as a friend and we can jam sometime.

Looking forward to a dedicated machine!     Some day :-)

Thanks again
Post the text report from LatencyMon and I'll take a look. A few basic things you can do right now:
1) make sure your PC is AC connected... No battery connected devices (this ensures that Windows uses a high performance power plan)
2) Disable WiFi and Bluetooth before using JK

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