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nothing works
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i tried to setup this program, but i cannot let it work in any way. i still get messeges about server being overbusy, when i click play on a song,same message, latency is overall unacceptable or not good Angry etc etc
looks like i do everything wrong, or am i too old for this (58)
Is your computer plugged directly into your wifi router with an ethernet (network) cable?
Using Line 6 Helix or Roland Session Mixer as audio interface
(04-13-2020, 05:50 PM)carvinae185@gmail.com Wrote: Is your computer plugged directly into your wifi router with an ethernet (network) cable?
yes, but not direct in my modem, but upstairs i got a extra wired router for better wifi and there is my computer plugged in with networkcable, but i think i can better make a new cable direct from the modem to my comp?
i finaly found the place where i could setup my interface and my latency is poor 28ms and is red. i tried all sort of tweeking but it all got worse
If you are using an older PC with built-in audio (WDM driver) JK may not work on your PC. You must purchase some type of audio interface.
Hang in there. I’m 56, and I got this to work with my entire rock band (well, the drummer is resistant, but hey, he’s a drummer...). We can help, but we do need more info:
Computer: platform (MAC, Win), OS version, rough age to determine if it is capable. See system requirements page
Audio interface: what model, using what drivers. ASIO drivers are strongly preferred, as they set somewhat consistent expected performance. Based on your reported latency, it doesn’t seem like you have the right interface or drivers. Search “list of audio interfaces” for more help. It doesn’t have to be a super-expensive one.
Best of luck!

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