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Problems with Windows Client in Germany

me and my band are trying to get jamkazam working. We are all living in Germany (near Frankfurt).

I am getting multiple Errors / Messages.
My Setup is:
- Desktop PC
- Windows 10
- LAN Cable
- Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 2nd Gen

After starting the Windows client i get the message depicted in the screenshot in attachment 1.
It seems i could solve this myself, see attachment 2.

Next error is seen in attachment 3.
I configured port forwarding for Ports 12000 - 12010 in my router. But this did not seem to help.

After that i get the message in attachment 4.
When running the network test, i get the warning (2) again.

And another error: see attachment 5.

I am using a LAN cable ...

Any help is appreciated :-)

Playing music with my band over the internet would be fantastic!



I made a network test:     

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