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Sample Rate set to 48, records at 44.1

we had great success this morning rehearsing classical music over the internet from Berlin to St.Gallen, fantastic!

We both had our interfaces set to 48kHz sampling rate, however, when I looked at the files from a test recording, I notice they are at 44.1kHz!

Question: Does JK just adjust the setting to 44.1 anyway? My MOTU certainly always showed 48kHz on the diplay. 
Or does it convert the rate at some stage, and at which stage does this happen?

We were going to make some videos, so we would prefer to record at 48kHz, is that possible? If not, I guess it is better to set the interfaces to 44.1 from the start.

A bit of a mystery to me.

Thanks, Johannes

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Sample Rate set to 48, records at 44.1 - by Johannes - 05-11-2020, 03:23 PM

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