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Can one person's network/hardware issues kill a session for everyone?
(04-10-2020, 04:03 AM)For one it had a effempmartin68 Wrote: [quote pid='204' dateline='1585694178']
(03-30-2020, 05:24 PM)Sue Wales Wrote:
(03-30-2020, 04:54 PM)Seisiuneer Wrote: Has anyone had the experience where one player's network or hardware issues can bring down the entire session for everyone?

We had this repeatedly last night, when one specific person entered the session, many others went to 100% packet loss.

He'd leave the session and everything would be normal again.

This was absolutely repeatable.

Have been testing the system today from Wales in the UK. Because we are in lockdown then its having to be set up and tested in the same household before we invite others. If we used one machine wirelessly or without a mic then we had this 100% packet loss. 

Can you help me and tell me where you adjust for latency and packet losses please? Thanks Sue
In Manage menu there is some kind of "packet rate configuration"

I dont know excactly what it does - but it had helped at least two persons with "Packet Loss", crackling, audio breaking up etc.

Normally it should not be necessary, I think - only in special cases. But here it is:

Go to Manage
Packet Rate Configuration
There Network Packet Rate can be changed - from "Auto" ...

Curious what you changed the Network Packet Rate to?  We had a similar issue with one person this evening.  Four of us would be in session just fine and the fifth would show up and kill the session.  Mainly we all heard a lot of jitter and his packet loss rose to 100%.  We all did speedtest.net test to see what our network looked like and the person that had the issues has 25ms of ping latency, which I think may be an issue.  Everyone else in or group is less than 20ms, with three of us less than 10 ms...
It was in both cases changed to lowest figure/value - as I remember. The one to the right.

It helped a lot for one of them.

For the second one it only helped a little - and in general the internet latency increased.

25ms PING is high, I think.
I really dont know. precise. My PING is 13

One on JamKazam the other day had 4. And one had 9.

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