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can not hear one bandmate
I have used JamKazam successfully for years with my friend Pete. I have a decade old Mac and he has a new one. Our other friend, David, with an old PC has difficulties. 

Today we both tried to Jam. We could see each other on the screen. I could hear myself, but not him. He could not hear me and was not sure if he heard himself. When I looked at our individual sessions, I could see level lights for me, but not for him. We are both using Artesia a22xt.

At another session with the 3 of us, We could all see each other. I could hear Pete and David. David and Pete could hear me. David could hear Pete, but Pete could not hear David.
We tried rebooting without improvement.

Any advice?

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can not hear one bandmate - by TCGreen - 07-15-2022, 04:48 AM

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