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Electronic Drums
(12-12-2021, 03:03 PM)drummerman68 Wrote: I have a KAT KT 3 and I just started using this program with a friend and I was wondering what is the best way to set up the sound for my kit,would I use less volume from the kit and more from the program itself?

Here is my setup for Roland TD-17 - using 2 (1/4") TRS cables, I plug the TD-17 (L & R) into a 4 channel mixer input. The mixer is then connected via Control Room outputs (L&R) into a Behringer UMC204HD (using inputs 1&2) which is then in turn, plugged into a Windows 10 PC using USB.

The levels (or gains) on each are as follows:

1) on the TD-17 module, "Volume" is set to 90-95% output.  This is not volume, it is "signal" or gain going to the mixer

2) on mixer, the drum input channel at +0.25db past  0.0 (like 2 o'clock if looking down on it). The Control Room output is about the same: +0.25db past centre. This delivers plenty of signal/gain out to the Behringer device (and my stereo via the master outputs when not in session)

3) on the Behringer, the input Gains for both 1&2 channels are set to about 50% (12 noon). 

With this setup, and headphones connected to the Behringer, I can have the headphone level at about 50-60% and have decent, loud sound from the drums while in session on JK. And using a direct monitoring mix, I need very little signal "direct" to blast out the sound via headphones or physical speakers connected to the Behringer.

Why a mixer you may ask? I also have a microphone and an electronic guitar plugged into the same mixer. This allows me to mix all 3 inputs on the mixer before going to my PC, complete with EQ.....

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