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Live Stream to Youtube Live - Any Success Stories?
(03-07-2021, 09:35 PM)raylancy@outlook.com Wrote: Long time JamKazam user trying to Live Stream to YouTube without much success.  Audio is very weak and constantly disconnects.  Consulted support and
watched the video many times but just can't get it to work as advertised.

Not sure what we could be missing.  Has anyone been able to make this work?

Ray Lancy
Tustin, CA

I believe you could do it with OBS.  I just wrote a post for mixing a live band to send to ZOOM (I used this method with sucess).  Many principles would remain the same.  From OBS you can stream to Youtube.  You could do a zoom session with your band, show it in OBS on screen (everybody on mute in Zoom), bring Audio from a DAW using the method explained in my post then Stream to Youtube from there.

Mixing a live band (Zoom instructions as well) (jamkazam.com)

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