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Interface unreadable on 3000x2000 13" screen
(04-04-2020, 01:25 PM)kkriner@gmail.com Wrote:
(04-04-2020, 05:28 AM)RodneyBerry Wrote: Not exactly a bug, but text in the client is too small to read on a 13" 3000 x 2000 pixel screen. (Microsoft Surface Book in this case)

If I use <ctl><+> to enlarge fonts, text covers some items, such as the search field.

I have to use the grandad magnifier accessibility feature or a real-world magnifier!

Hi, RodneyBerry! Bob K.'s post on changing the scaling might help. It's here: https://forum.jamkazam.com/showthread.ph...resolution
That seems to have sorted it out. Thanks! (will also use that trick to sort out several other programs)

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