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Behringer Xenyth 302USB - make it work?

As titled, I"ve got a Behringer Xenyth 302USB:

It works in Windows and other apps just fine.
I'm using stock Windows drivers for it
JamKazam sees (in the dropdown) drivers for:
Microphone (USB Audio Code)  - WDM
Speakers (USB Audio Code)  - WDM
Those are the drivers the Behringer is using and again, they work fine outside JamKazam.

"It appears this audio device is not currently connected. Attach the device to your computer and restart the application, or select a different device."

I tried changing the sample rate to all possible.
I tried AISO 4 All: Latency problems + nasty feedback that I couldn't control.

Nothing works.

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Behringer Xenyth 302USB - make it work? - by Sizzelicks - 04-04-2020, 03:12 AM

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