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JK running on Apple's new M1 processor macs
OK. So this is how i fixed it on my Mac Mini M1 with UAD Apollo Thunderbolt Quad on Bug Sur 11.6.

First make sure JamKazam is off. 

Go to System Preferences and Sound and set to built in speakers.

Go to Utilities folder and open Audio Midi Setup.

Set Output to 48K (no input to set on a Mac Mini, but other computers will change the input to 48K when you change the output anyway).

Open JamKazam. Should open as normal and not give the error anymore.

Wait for the home screen then turn on interface (Apollo, in my case).

Go to Audio Gear and click on Add New Gear.

Set up your new gear as needed. Done! Ran a 2 hour session after successful setup with no issues.

FYI, some people have suggested using Garageband to make the system work, but Garageband does not do 48K audio, so it didn't work for me. Logic does, but that still didn't do it for me. It wasn't until I quit everything and set the built in to 48K that JamKazam would open successfully.
Hope that helps and hope that the JK developers write some native Apple Silicon code soon!

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