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Setting up audio profile with PC Gear
I am trying to set up an audio profile on my JK using Windows 10 Laptop.  I had set up one profile using the Focuscite 2i2 audio interface and it worked beautifully but as I am trying to help other members in my musical group so I tried to set up a profile using headphones into the 3.5 mm jack on the laptop and using the onboard Microphone on the laptop itself. 

I have tried setting input device to "Microphone Array 1 (Realtek HC Audio Mic input with SST) - WDM" and the Audio Output Device to "Speakers 1 (RealTek HD AHoudio output with SST) - WDM"

I then get an "Invalid Audio Device" Message.  JK then cycles some sample rates and then I am stuck.  Has anyone encountered this and might know of any good fixes.

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Setting up audio profile with PC Gear - by qmyyx - 11-04-2020, 11:08 PM

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