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Latency in the UK?
(10-26-2020, 09:07 PM)bassyerbouti Wrote: Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone in the UK is getting a good experience jamming with other UK musicians?

I discovered JamKazam about 6 months ago but found it impossible to jam with others in my band as the latency was getting in the way.

Two of us tried again tonight but latency is still an issue for us, we just can't lock onto the beat. I was wondering if we are just too far away from wherever the servers are located or if there are any tips for improving things please?

I believe we meet all the minimum system requirements. I have fibre connection and get 110mbps download and 4mbps upload. My guitarist has copper connection and gets 65mbps download and 16 mpbs upload. Both with Ethernet connection, both using PreSonus external sound cards. One guitar and one mic each.

Before we start doing anything the latency traffic lights are amber. Voice is crystal clear as we chat to each other before playing but once we both start playing things start to crackle and pop and before long we are out of sync with each others playing.

Thanks for any assistance or suggestions.


Chris (UK, London)

There is no 'central server' as such to handle your sessions. Jamkazam establishes a peer-to-peer (P2P) connection between jammers. So, if latency is an issue you'll have to have a good look at both your equipment and your LAN/WAN connections.
4mbps up is rather low but should suffice with only the two of you.
What are your local latencies (gear)? And what are your individual internet latencies? You can see those numbers by hovering over the coloured dot behind your peers name when in a session.

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