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Unable to activate native Windows (Realtek) audio devices
(01-10-2021, 12:28 AM)redstart Wrote: I'm surprised to see this thread come back to life. I have also struggled with setup using built-in Realtek speakers and microphone on a Dell running Windows 10. It's maddening because it will work sometimes. As others have suggested, restarting the app, or rebooting, will sometimes help, as will shutting down the browser. But I've had the most success with "reconnecting" the gear as follows: go to Settings - Sound - Manage Sound Devices. Then select the speakers and the microphone, and disable them. Then go back and enable them. Then go back to the JK app and rescan. Amazingly, this usually works for me. Now, if I could only do something about the mic volume....
You can.... With a real audio interface that's made to handle real time audio!

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