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Troubleshooting White Screen video.
After going through the steps that I said I would do in the previous post, the video came up without issue. Through a number of sessions with my teachers, I have found the video feature valuable, but finicky (for lack of a better term.) If you try to manipulate the video feature too much, the users JamKazam app may crash and crash hard. Even after the user brings up the app again and rejoins the session, the video feature may not work correctly. We have found that if the video feature is important to that session, it is best practice to restart the session after a participant crashes and comes back up. It seems to work normally after that.
Robert "Lee" Vanarsdall
University of Maryland, College Park

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RE: Troubleshooting White Screen video. - by LVanarsdall - 07-15-2020, 11:39 AM

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